John Packer JP242 Bb Tenor Saxophone

John Packer JP242 Bb Tenor Saxophone

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Suitable for

An affordable saxophone that is ideal for you if you are looking to upgrade your sax to something that you can use to achieve your higher grades. For the professional player, you will find the JP242 is quite capable of being used as a second instrument and will perform for you in groups and ensembles.  

Unique benefits

Drawing inspiration from pro level models, the JP242 has benefited from an extended period of research and development to ensure a lightweight yet durable instrument. Players will notice its distinct playing characteristics, dynamic tonal flexibility and stability in 3 registers. 


  • Produced using high grade 80:20 brass
  • Rust resistant blue steel springs for improved response and better tension memory
  • Italian leather pads for a better seal and fuller projected sound
  • Italian leather is better quality than conventional leather pads
  • Front F and high F# keys
  • Floating plate design for little finger (left hand) cluster, aids faster movement
  • Adjustable thumb rest and sling ring to help with player comfort
  • Attractive finish with white keys and decorative engraving