John Packer JP146 Atom Eb Sopranino Saxophone

John Packer JP146 Atom Eb Sopranino Saxophone

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JP146 Sopranino Saxophone


Instrument:                       JP146 ‘Atom’ Sopranino saxophone


Price level: Budget                                                                            Performance guide level: Beginner/professional


Key: Eb


Features:                                                                                             Benefits:


  • Rose brass body                                                                  For a full, dark sound
  • Accurate tuning scale                                                         To aid performance
  • Precision made mechanism                                             For reliability and ease of play
  • ‘Abalone’ pearls                                                                   To enhance appearance
  • Steel springs                                                                         For positive ‘feel’ and longevity of tension
  • Resonator pads                                                                    For enhanced projection and tonal depth


Accessories:                       High quality lightweight case with shoulder strap, mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, ligature and reed


Variations:                          Nil


Benefits for Customer:


  • Professional spec
  • High performance:cost ratio
  • Access to Sopranino repertoire at low cost
  • Accurate tuning
  • Great for adding a new aspect to a performance while improvising
  • Can be used to double alto parts
  • Can be used as ‘novelty’ item during performance
  • Reliable

 Applications and Characteristics:


The sopranino sax is regarded by many as being almost pointless. They were previously very expensive and have limited repertoire. Although they have applications for improvisation for jazz musicians, the high cost is normally prohibitive. The JP146 Atom has changed all that. This instrument performs to a level that will satisfy a professional player, but is priced to enable a novice to start their saxophone career at an early age. Consequently it has been successful both as a student instrument in schools and also in semi/professional to professional environments. It performs extremely well against more expensive models. It is supplied with a ‘student friendly’ mouthpiece and responds well to the addition of a professional mouthpiece which will substantially increase its performance capacity.


Weight and Dimensions:


3kg 53x16x22cms (single) 7kg 55x35x24cms (multiple)