John Packer JP021 Bb Clarinet

John Packer JP021 Bb Clarinet

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The JP021 is durable and affordable whilst
delivering a good quality of sound for a starter model. Competing very well
against other entry level instruments, the JP021 has been the choice of
thousands as they start their musical journey. It features nickel plated
keywork and an adjustable thumbrest for ease of use.


JP021 Clarinet


Instrument:                       JP021 Bb Clarinet


Price level: Budget                                                                            Performance guide level: Beginner


Key: Bb


Features:                                                                                             Benefits:


  • Strong keywork                                                                   For durability
  • Ebonite body                                                                       For full dark sound
  • Accurate tuning scale                                                         For better performance
  • Two tuning barrels                                                             To help the inexperienced player to play in tune
  • Nickel plated keywork                                                      For durability
  • Adjustable thumb rest                                                        For greater comfort
  • Woodgrain finish                                                                Professional appearance


Accessories:                       Standard quality lightweight case with shoulder strap and reflective safety stripe, ‘easy blow’ mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, ligature, reed


Variations:                          Nil




Applications and Characteristics:


This instrument is strong, reliable, pleasing to the ear and ideal for schools or beginners looking for a basic instrument to get them started. It has many applications as a school instrument and on rental/hire schemes and has a good record for reliability.


Weight and Dimensions:


3kg 15x25 x38cms (single) 14.4kg 79x39x27cms (multiple)