John Packer JP011CH Flutes

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The JP011CH gives players maximum flexibility with the inclusion of both a curved and straight headjoint. Players can start with the curved headjoint before easily swapping to the straight version when they are ready. This model is a favourite as the two headjoint increase the instruments longevity before an upgrade is required.


JP011 Flutes


Instrument:                        JP011CH Flute


Price level: Budget                                                                            Performance guide level: Beginner


Key: C


Features:                                                                                             Benefits:


  • Strong silverplated keywork                                            For reliability and good appearance
  • Novice friendly headjoint design                                    Promotes easy learning and good sound
  • E mechanism                                                                       Helps to support top E
  • Accurate tuning scale                                                         For better performance
  • JP011CH - Additional curved headjoint                          For increased comfort, shorter stretch and better

                                                                                                        balance for smaller players



Accessories:                       Attractive case with shoulder strap and reflective safety strip and cleaning rod



Variations:                          JP011CH – straight and curved headjoint


Benefits for Customer:


  • Very accessible price
  • Reliable
  • Accurate tuning
  • Easy to play
  • High performance:cost ratio
  • JP011CH ideal for smaller starters

 Applications and Characteristics:


These instruments have been very popular with schools and teachers across the UK. Well in tune, with easy playing characteristics and strongly built they offer what is necessary in the tough environment of the education system and in the hands of young players. A good combination of durability, performance and low cost have given it a good reputation.


Weight and Dimensions:


JP011CH: 2kg 45x17x8cms (single) 15.9kg 47x35x46cms (multiple)