John Packer JP042 Bb Tenor Saxophone

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Instrument:                      JP042 Tenor saxophone


Price level: Step up                                                                      Performance guide level: Step up/professional

 Key: Bb

 Features:                                                                                       Benefits:


  • Floating plate design for little finger (LH) cluster   Aids fast movement
  • Full ribbed construction                                              For strength, durability and extra resonance
  • ‘Abalone’ pearls                                                             To enhance appearance
  • Italian leather pads                                                        More waterproof so more reliable
  • Blue steel springs                                                           Rust resistant with better tension memory
  • Double spine on B & C                                                   For strength and reliability
  • Resonator pads                                                              For enhanced projection and tonal depth
  • Adjustable thumb rest                                                   Increases playing comfort
  • Adjustable back stops                                                   For easier adjustment and faster servicing
  • G#/Bb & F/F# independent adjustment                   Adds strength and rigidness and reliability
  • Lyre box                                                                           For marching
  • Mechanism includes: Front F, High F#


Accessories:  High quality shaped lightweight case with backpack straps and shoulder strap, JP5C mouthpiece


    Applications and Characteristics:

    This instrument has found a place both as a student model (where it is widely used in schools) and also in professional environments. Many professional players are using these everyday in live and studio performances. It is supplied with a ‘student friendly’ mouthpiece and responds well to the addition of a professional mouthpiece which will substantially increase its performance capacity.


     As played by: Tony Coe – recording artist and session player & Seal’s Horn section – European tours 2009 & 2010


    Weight and Dimensions: 9kg86x24x34cms (single)